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Sat-PC Electronic
Pieter Calandlaan 79A
tel. 020-6151000

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Media Tech MT3525 Sirius head set

Media Tech MT3525 Sirius head set
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Prijs: € 34,95
Model: MT3525 Sirius

The special button of the volume regulation placed on the headphone gives you comfort of wireless using. You don't have to search for the receiver to change the radio channel - you can use special scan button activating auto searching.

The great feature is the microphone built in receiver station which allows for voice communication using standard communicators as (Skype, MSN, itp.).

It makes SIRIUS not only regular headphones set, but also wireless monitoring system. You can leave the receiver near to the place where the people, who you are taking care, are at this moment (children, older people, etc.) and you can hear every sound from the place where the receiver station is placed up to 8 meters.

The next advantage of MT3525 is possibility of using them as wired headphones with your multimedia players (jack input at the headphone). This function is very useful when the battery power is low.

An extra feature is additional microphone input - with this advantage you have possibility of connection with the professional multimedia device.

SIRIUS is compatible with PC, MP3 multimedia players, TV, CD and DVD players.

• Multifunction wireless headphones
• Radio FM built-in
• Microphone built in receiver
• Room monitoring feature
• Possible to use as wired headphones (without battery)
• Frequency response 15Hz - 16kHz
• Receiver powered from battery or power adaptor (not included)
• Transmission frequency range: 88-108MHz
• Weight: 173g (without battery)

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Media Tech MT3525 Sirius head set
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